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I am the gift of your wish

The only way to take control of your life, raise your standard of living and move beyond merely surviving is to create your own unique product or service that you offer to increasing numbers of people in exchange for the things of value that you desire. This simple formula applies to countries as well as people. A self-sufficient economy has its own products or services of value to export to the world. Similarly, a self-sufficient individual has something of value to exchange in the global marketplace. That thing of value is based on your natural talent, skill, or interest—in other words, your passion!

“I am the creator of something new and unique that is the answer to the world’s yearning.”

Someone asked me recently how they can be sure that a product based on their passion can really sell. "What if no one wants what I create?" they asked. The answer to that question, as well as my faith in the absolute reliability and validity of the answer, is based on certain truths—these three in particular:

- We live in a creative, supportive, attraction-based universe.

- Whatever you ask is always given.

- There is only one of us here.

We live in a creative universe based on natural law

Our universe is based on certain laws that apply to everyone and everything.

The law of cause and effect, for example, explains that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect from every cause. "Everything happens according to law"; that nothing ever ’’merely happens"; that there is no such thing as chance.

The law of attraction says “that which is like unto itself is drawn” and that your life is always the outpicturing of your dominant thoughts. You attract what you dwell on. Similarly, when someone has a fear, that fear, if dwelt upon is attracted as well.

These and other such laws help support the basic drive of the universe to create, expand and know itself.

Whatever you ask is always given.

Consistent with the law of cause and effect, and the law of attraction, when someone has a desire, that desire is always fulfilled. When someone sets a goal, that goal is always attracted to them. When someone makes a wish, things are set in motion to make that wish come true. It is law.

Now, you may not recognize the divine order in the sequence of events that life presents you with as things unfold to manifest for you your desire, but because of the creative power of thought, and your own power as co-creator in this universe, the moment you think something, life does in fact re-arrange itself to bring that desire to you. It must, by law. (The challenge most of us face is in recognizing and reacting appropriately to these events. In a phenomenon I refer to as the “Reconstruction Crisis” things often go through a period of chaos and destruction as life tears away the old to make room for the new.)

This universe, intent as it is on creation, and based as it is on abundance and joy wants you to live out your desires. Your expansion and creative expression are vital to God’s divine purpose for life in general and you in particular. To understand why that is always true, it is necessary to accept another truth.

There is only one of us here.

The third truth upon which the answer is based is that there is only one of us here. By that I mean that on a quantum level (the smallest level of reality), everything is the same. The stuff that makes up the air, the chair you sit on, even the thoughts you think are all the same stuff. It’s all spirit. It’s all energy simply vibrating at different rates. It’s all one thing.

Here’s an illustration: If you have a pot of water, you can get it to achieve different states of solidity simply by changing its rate of vibration. If you slow down the rate of vibration, by freezing it, it cools and becomes ice—a solid. If you speed up its rate of vibration by heating it, it becomes first water—a liquid—and then steam—a gas. It’s the same H2O, yet different rates of vibration take it from solid to liquid to gas. Similarly, all of the physical universe is just energy vibrating at different rates. The rate of vibration is all that separates one thing from another. On an elemental level, there is no distinction between the energy of your hand and that of the chair. It’s all the same “quantum soup” expressing itself in various forms and shapes and colors and densities and hardnesses and sizes.

Despite the illusion of separation upon which this experience is based, we are never truly separated from that one thing from which we all emanate, and of which we are all comprised. Like waves in the ocean, we are all just individual expressions of a single thing. The One. The Source. God.

Because we are all one—I am an aspect of you, you are an aspect of me—all of our thoughts are connected. People don’t have individual minds, they tap into a single mind. That’s why an inventor in Kabul can come up with the same idea at the same time as an inventor in Kagman. They are both tapping into a pool of ideas that is accessible to everyone. Because of the connectedness of all MIND, your thoughts and desires can and do cause a change in the one mind that we all share. When you have an inspiration to create something, therefore, you can be sure that it is the result of a change in the one mind caused by someone else’s thinking. This bears repeating: when you have an inspiration to create something, it is the result of a change in the energy and vibration of the one universal mind caused by someone else’s thinking some place in the universe.

Your desire is an aspect of me (since we are all one), and the manifestation of your desire (since all that is asked is given) begins in the form of my inspiration.

Therefore, you can see that your idea is always in answer to someone’s desire for the very thing you have been inspired to create. Furthermore, you will be inspired to the degree that you are in touch with your purpose, your passion, and that you desire equally to use these to create something of value to share with the world.

Your desire and the thing I desire to create are one in the same, springing from the same universal mind which we all share. The inspiration in the form of my business idea matches exactly your desire for the very thing my business will provide. I am therefore the universe’s gift to you, and your thoughts are the universe’s gift to me.

I am the gift of your wish.

* * *

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that it’s possible to produce algae-based bio fuels?

"Algae makes oil naturally. Raw algae can be processed to make biocrude, the renewable equivalent of petroleum, and refined to make gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and chemical feedstocks for plastics and drugs. The theoretical potential is clear. Algae can be grown in open ponds or sealed in clear tubes, and it can produce far more oil per acre than soybeans, a source of oil for biodiesel. Algae can also clean up waste by processing nitrogen from wastewater and carbon dioxide from power plants. What’s more, it can be grown on marginal lands useless for ordinary crops, and it can use water from salt aquifers that is not useful for drinking or agriculture." [from]

Hmmmm. Now, there’s a gift! I wonder who in the world might be wishing for an alternative to high-priced fuels? Don’t keep the world waiting too long for your gift!

* * *

Until next week, remember, success is a journey, not a destination!


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