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The Power of Intuition

The only way to take control of your life, raise your standard of living and move beyond merely surviving is to create your own unique product or service that you offer to increasing numbers of people in exchange for the things of value that you desire. This simple formula applies to countries as well as people. A self-sufficient economy has its own products or services of value to export to the world. Similarly, a self-sufficient individual has something of value to exchange in the global marketplace. That thing of value is based on your natural talent, skill, or interest—in other words, your passion!


Step 5 in the Creative Process


       In previous columns [“The Power of Clarity”: July 29, 2010; “The Power of Visualization”: August 4, 2010; “The Power of Acceptance”: August 11, 2010, and “The Power of Focus”: August 18, 2010], we spoke about the need to have clear and specific descriptions and images of your goals as the first step in bringing them into reality. We covered the need to visualize (or sensorize) your desired reality as often as possible.  We also discussed removing any of the mental and emotional blocks that may prevent you from committing to, pursuing and achieving your goals. And, we touched on the need to focusing your attention on the desired outcome. This brings us to Step 5 in the 7-Step Creative process: Intuition.



       It is my belief that everyone is born intuitive. In other words, everyone has the innate ability to receive information, inspiration and ideas from a higher source. It is possible to know things without having been told or taught them in traditional ways.

       It is my further belief that we, as humans, as part of our cultural indoctrination, are routinely trained away from certain belief systems and practices that would hone and strengthen our intuitive powers, while at the same time trained into beliefs and behaviors that limit and block those powers.

        We've talked before of the need to quiet the mind in order to eliminate the distractions of media and advertising, and the negativity of news, and so on. Your goal, therefore, as a developing human being with goals and dreams you wish to manifest, is to develop a new set of belief systems and habits of behavior that support the development of your intuitive faculties.

       There are many reasons some people are better than others at using the creative process to manifest their dreams. There are reasons some people seem "lucky" in love and business while others do not. While solid arguments could be made that the successful people in life have access to the right information, or are more charming, or are predestined, or have the right genes, I suggest to you that you can overcome any perceived deficiency in information, personality, fate, or gene pool by doing two simple things: 1. Listen carefully.  2. Act on what you hear.


What Do I Do Next? Listen Carefully.

       As you proceed with creating your desired reality, it will often be necessary to know "what to do next?" In many cases--especially if you are creating a life for which there is no template--there won't be any script or blueprint for you to follow. It is then that you will need to listen to what your intuition reveals, and then act accordingly without delay in order to move forward.

       This intuition may often guide you to a place you should be, a thing you should do, or, perhaps to a person you should talk to. Sometimes those places, actions and people are within your immediate circles. Many times, however, they require you to step outside of your comfort zones. However, many of us are too busy to go to places outside of our usual haunts, or we are too distracted by work and responsibilities to do things outside of our routine, or, we're too fearful of ridicule or rejection to speak our desires and intentions to others who might be able to help us.



My Own Life Lesson

       I read once words to the effect that "your good will always come to you through other people." Makes perfect sense, except that my own flaw is that the "default setting" of my personality seems to be

recluse and loner. I find a certain amount of comfort "keeping my own counsel,” and keeping certain creative aspects of my personal life private. (You may not believe this, but I’m not a gregarious person)



       However, I find that overcoming my personality flaws and fears and by following my intuitive feeling to speak to a particular person and sharing my intentions with them typically leads to me receiving some information, inspiration or idea that can help me move forward quickly and easily to manifesting my dreams.

       My inner dialogue typically goes something like this:

       INTUITION: "I have this strong urge and feeling like I should really talk to Mary and share with her what I want to create."

       FEAR: "Nope. You're a private person. She doesn't need to know. It's none of her business. You don’t need anyone’s help.”

       INTUITION: "She might have some information that could help, while at the same time I might  have something of value to share with her to help her with her own dreams."

       Do I follow my intuition and tell Mary that I've always wanted to start my own flower shop, or do I keep it to myself? What I choose will determine the ease with which I move forward.

              In fact, as I think about it, many of the books I've been inspired to write, the places I've discovered to travel to, and the information, inspiration and ideas that have allowed me to live true to my self have always come to me or have been facilitated by my relationships with others and what they shared with me. (Also, it typically happens when I'm sharing my information, inspiration and ideas to help them.)


Lesson Learned

       Once I overcome my need for privacy, and act on my intuition, and share with others, that’s when good things start to happen. So, now that I'm conscious of this, I endeavor (though not always successfully) to make  a conscious habit of overcoming my desire for privacy, and the habit of being a recluse, and follow through on the intuitive guidance. I'm coming to learn that people can't help me move forward in my creative process if they don't know what I want to create.


Your Mission:

       Some people mistake the sound of their fears, the mental soundtrack of limitation instilled in them by family and friends, "conventional wisdom" and even advertising as the still small voice within. They hear a voice inside telling them what to do, but it’s the wrong voice! They've been so brainwashed by fears of what could go wrong, of what others believe they are capable of, of what "everyone knows" is possible, and the inculcated motivations of what they “should do” taught them by Madison Avenue ad executives, that they have no idea what their own intuitive voice sounds like.

  Your mission, therefore, is to find out what your own intuitive guidance sounds or feels like. Everyone is different. Everyone has different lessons to learn. Everyone has different strategies they use to sabotage themselves. Sometimes (in my case) it's a feeling to reach out. Sometimes it might be a deeper, less conscious, intuitive feeling to avoid people who you might otherwise be drawn to, but who aren't in your best interests.  Sometimes it's a feeling to pursue a particular talent that you've allowed to remain dormant. These hunches, knowings, voices, certainties, gut feelings, vibes and awarenesses of unknown origins might be your intuition guiding you.

Take stock of how such feelings and knowings have guided you in the past, saved you from harm, helped you achieve and helped you grow. That’s one way to become more familiar with what your intuition sounds and feels like.

Turn off the distractions. Quiet the mind. Listen carefully. Act on what you hear, and develop the confidence in your intuitive abilities.  You might be surprised just how ready your higher self is to guide you to create your dreams!



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Inspired by Paul Scheele



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