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Conversation #2 The Body is Coded to Heal

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[The following is an excerpt from The Ageless Adept]

”Health from the Pacific islands,” he said, as he served the pineapples and grapefruit, pouring a few tablespoons of blackstrap molasses over them.

“Now, you may not be conscious of this,” he continued, “but everything that you have come to accept about being alive, and all that you experience in matters of health is actually Nature’s healing. In fact, you have never actually experienced health. You have only experienced healing. Every feeling is a healing.”

“I’m not sure I follow you on that one,” I interrupted.

“Well, your body, because it is coded to heal, is always in a state of regeneration or repair. Sometimes that repair is noticeable, as in the case of a cold or some ache or pain. But, more often than not, the body’s healing is operating below the level of your conscious awareness. What you call ‘being healthy’ is simply the space between the noticeable healings. But the healing never stops. Like a pendulum swing, or the motion of the tides, the rhythm of healing is constant. Your awareness of it is the only thing that changes. “When was the last time you or someone you know had a fever? Did you ever stop and ask why the body develops fevers?”

“‘Why’?” I pondered aloud. “No, I guess I never thought about why. I just lumped it in as just one of the illnesses the body develops.”

“And that’s exactly my point. The fever isn’t the illness, my friend. The fever is the healing.

“Our bodies are constantly healing. That’s all we ever do. Every cell in our bodies is replaced every seven years. Our skin is constantly shedding and regenerating. White blood cells are killing germs that enter our bodies. Everything you think of as illness, the sneezing, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, the fevers; every ache and pain is actually the body at work healing itself. The power to heal is something you were born with.”

“So why doesn’t it seem that people are healing?” I asked. “It seems to me people are getting sicker and sicker, not healing.”

“As we said yesterday,” the Adept replied, “there is no such thing as something ‘staying the same.’ A thing is either expanding or contracting. Similarly, the body can either be assimilating, that is, incorporating nutrients into itself—expanding. Or, it can be eliminating waste from itself—contracting. If it is doing one, it is not doing the other.

“Also, according to the Truth of Rhythm, every ‘in’ must have an ‘out.’ For every assimilation, there must be a corresponding elimination. The simple reason why many people in this society are ill is because they never give their bodies time to eliminate.

“Have you ever experienced waking in the morning with mucus in your eyes, phlegm in your throat or blockage in your nasal passages?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Doesn’t everybody?”

“No. Have you ever wondered why this is? It’s because for many people, the nighttime sleep period is the only time their bodies get the chance to shift gears from assimilation into elimination mode. They’ve spent the entire day eating breakfast, eating snacks, eating lunch, eating snacks, eating dinner and eating snacks. For them, sleep is the first break in their daily food intake ritual. It is only then that the body gets the chance to shift modes to excrete the accumulated mucus of their high-starch, processed diet through any opening it can.

“So by the time you wake, you have eyes filled with mucus and phlegm in your throat. All this elimination is the healing. And given the opportunity, the body would heal itself in this way. But, immediately after those few hours of sleep, you wake and start the eating cycle again—shifting the body out of elimination mode and back into assimilation mode. People aren’t healing simply because they’re not allowing themselves to.

“What’s more,” the Adept continued, “everything the body does in an effort to heal is often thwarted by modern medicine in the name of healing. But it’s really not healing, it’s hindrance.”

“You’re saying that all we have to do to heal is let our bodies rest?” I asked.

“Essentially. There’s also the matter of nourishment. But the body, left alone, tends to heal.”

That simple concept—that the body is coded to heal—flew in the face of everything I had come to believe. I always believed that pills tend to heal; doctors tend to heal; surgery tends to heal. But the body? I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. Sure, there was the simple healing of cuts and bruises I couldn’t deny. But, in general, the body seemed frail and prone to breaking down. And I had always derived a sense of security knowing that there was some scientist somewhere hard at work coming up with some pill or treatment designed to stop the body’s inevitable deterioration. Now I was being asked to give that up.

“It seems too simple,” I said. “I mean, I can see how the healing code concept could work in a simple Garden of Eden setting, but life these days is too complicated. What if the coding just isn’t enough?”

“Good point. The other thing to know,” the Adept continued, “is that, as products of Nature, our human coding is inextricably linked to the natural environment. Everything that moves us out of balance with the natural order suppresses our coding a bit more. We were designed to function optimally in an environment with specific ingredients in specific combinations. Air, sunlight, plant and animal life, minerals and ecosystems, were designed to support each other and keep our codes activated. And that’s how it was for thousands of years.

“But now, as a result of man’s influence on the planet, and the consequences of our free will to deviate from the plan, everything from the Earth’s magnetic field, oxygen level, ultraviolet rays, air purity, soil composition, to the planet’s water have all been shifted into a state of dissonance and disharmony that further suppress nature’s codes. As a result, there are certain levels of purity and balance that the Earth is no longer able to create or sustain, and we are all feeling its effects. So anything that you can do to return your body and its environment to the original pristine state—everything from putting plants in your home, using air purifiers, to eating organic food—all serve to reactivate your body’s dormant code for healing. And it will be enough.”

“You mentioned oxygen level,” I interrupted. “You mean even the air isn’t even air anymore?”

“Do you remember learning in school, Seeker, that the atmosphere is 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 1 percent inert gases?”

Actually, I didn’t. I was never good in science. But I chose not to interrupt.

“Well, those weren’t always the percentages,” the Adept continued. “Our atmosphere was once closer to 50 percent oxygen. Think what effect that would have on the body, the bloodstream, the plants, and the existence of parasites and toxins in the system. Certain parasites, which could not thrive in oxygen-rich environments, now thrive and multiply.”

“That’s kind of scary, isn’t it? I mean if even the very composition of the air isn’t what it should be, how can we ever hope to reactivate the body’s code?”

“Fortunately, there are ways, thanks to Nature’s foolproof perfection. Adaptation is coded into that perfection. But we’ll get to that later.”

The preceding was an excerpt from the 7 Conversations of Agelessness, from the book The Ageless Adept: Perfect Health, Long Life and the Fountain of Youth. For more, visit
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